That’s why you’ll never get a one-size-fits-all strategy or cookie-cutter service offering.

At Stockall & Co. we know your business needs are unique

We work alongside you and your team to ensure that our services are meeting your real-world needs to deliver results and free up your time to focus on running your business.

Every package is tailor-made to your business to give you everything you need.

Our Services

Starting at $1395 CAD / month

Services include strategic content calendar building, copywriting, content creation, social selling engagement efforts and reporting to drive your key performance indicators, whether that be engagement, website conversion, email database building and beyond.

With our help, you’ll never have to log into your social media accounts again.

We keep your social media accounts on-brand and on-message.

Social Media Management

Results from happy clients:

Signature Health

Monique Fares Saleh

Signature Health did not have a social media presence before working with Stockall & Co. Now, we have a presence across all platforms, which has helped with our brand awareness.

We are very pleased with the work Stockall & Co are doing. We are able to connect with our audience on a broader scale than before. We are seeing new referrals from all social media platforms, which is great. We finally have a presence on social media, which we never did and needed to happen!

We are seeing new referrals  from all social media platforms.

General Manager,
Egg Farmers of Nova Scotia

Wanda Hamilton

When our business lost our in-house social media coordinator Stockall & Co. were up for the challenge. Jumping into an industry they may not have been familiar with would have been difficult for anyone.

The team's social media expertise guided us through the storm, and we are very grateful for that!

Stockall & Co. really stepped up for us when we needed them most.

Care Compliance Coordinator,
Atlantic Assisted Reproductive Therapies

Kayleigh Miles

Stockall & Co. have been so great to work with! Prior to working with them, our social media was lacking, and with their help, we have been able to grow our Facebook page and launch our Instagram account.

We love the constant communication with the team and feel like they are a great asset to our community! Since the posts are pre-planned, it is perfect for our busy environment. All of the posts they have created for us have been visually appealing, and the content has been great!

We love the simplicity of working with Stockall & Co.

Starting at $1800 CAD

We come up with the strategy and fully support and direct your shoot. Whether that’s quarterly content needs for social or web, event coverage, or branding sessions, we’ll create not only a beautiful end product but content that is highly converting and is sure to stop the scroll.

Our team of multimedia pros offer full creative support from concept to capture to editing.

Content Creation

What it's like to work with us

Ivy Salon Dartmouth | Bedford 

Allison Hartleib

Before working with Stockall & Co, I struggled to make consistent content.

I had worked with a different marketing agent in the past and didn't see value; however, Stockall & Co. took the time to really understand our brand and create content that felt authentic.

Since working with them - we have been seeing organic growth on our media platforms that translates into clients. I would highly recommend using Stockall & Co. to any business who wants to show up online.

The organic growth on our social media platforms is translating into clients

Starting at $995 CAD / month

If there’s one thing we’re good at figuring out, it's searcher's intent and how to get your website in front of a qualified audience.

Google Ad Words are a great way to add fuel to your content and reach a bigger audience.

Google Ads

Starting at $1095 CAD / month

Are you looking for leads to populate your sales funnel?

Maybe you’re looking to generate sales for your e-commerce site or registrations for your masterclass.

We’ll develop and execute a Meta Ad strategy that will improve engagement and generate more sales.

Meta Ads (Facebook & Instagram)

Digital Ads

Real results from real clients:

CEO and Owner,
Dot & Co.


I've spent years, and thousands of dollars, trying to get my ads strategy right, and I *wish* I would have found Stockall & Co. sooner.

Since working together, we've seen an increase in booked calls, and over $100,000 in secured revenue (!!!).

The team at Stockall & Company are not only experts in their field, but they're also *genuinely* invested in our success. They've become an extension of our team, and I couldn’t be more grateful for their support. If you're on the fence about working with an ads company, take it from me – Stockall & Company is the partner you need. Don't try and figure this out yourself— just hire the experts.

Since working together, we've seen  over $100,000 in secured revenue (!!!).

Founder & CEO,
The Fidget Game


Before working with Stockall & Co., we were constantly stuck in a rut. Despite increasing our ad spend, our sales weren't growing, and we continuously struggled to maintain our goal ROAS. It was frustrating, to say the least.

Initially, we were hesitant to switch agencies. We feared that making a change would result in a significant drop in sales. Now, looking back, we couldn't be happier with our decision. Since partnering with Stockall & Co., our sales have skyrocketed, increasing by a remarkable 30%. Also, our profit margins have grown by the same percentage. It's been an incredible turnaround for us.

Our sales have skyrocketed, increasing by a remarkable 30%

CEO | Founder,
Modern Collective

Lauren Smith

I had considered working with a marketing company for a few years but never found the right fit that I was super aligned with. As soon as I first spoke with Stockall & Co., I knew they were my team!

I've been blown away by the results we've been getting - one of the campaigns we worked on together was a recent masterclass - we gained 1097 Masterclass Sign-Ups at a cost per sign-up of $4.76 CAD (benchmarks are between $10-$20 USD)!! So pleased with the results of working with Stockall & Co.and will forever have them in my corner. I couldn't recommend their services enough; hands down, the best decision you'll make!

We gained 1097 Masterclass Sign-Ups  at a cost per sign-up of $4.76 CAD

Michelle MacLean Health Coach Skills Mentor


I worked with an ads management company before working with Stockall & Co. and decided to switch based on a recommendation from a colleague.

I appreciate how quickly the team got up to speed and felt relieved to be able to hand everything off to them so I could focus on other aspects of the business.

Stockall & Co. reduced my cost per lead by 7x from $23.93 CAD to $3.31 CAD; they generated 105 sign-ups to my masterclass at a cost per sign-up of $9 CAD, about half the cost of the average sign-up and sent over 4000 clicks to my sales page resulting in a successful course launch.

Stockall & Co. was able to reduce my cost per lead by 7x  from $23.93 CAD to $3.31 CAD.

Michelle Maclean

CEO + Founder,
Activate Her Awesome

Krista Smith

The Stockall & Co. team is the real deal. They're magician-like; only instead of pulling rabbits out of a hat, they pull in leads and boost your sales.

If you're looking to take your launch to the next level, look no further than Stockall & Co. I'm still blown away with the results they got for my business!

I'm still blown away with the results Stockall & Co. got for my business!

KinFix Health

Julianna Karlsen

We hired Stockall & Co. to do our Meta Ads when we were gearing to relocate and rebrand our business with a whole new model. They were able to help us get the word out on our grand opening, get eyes on our business and paying clients in the door!

We are so glad we decided to work with Stockall & Co. because they were able to take the guesswork out of the marketing portion of running our business; they listen to what our business goals are, get amazing content and, most importantly, deliver! We have gotten tons of leads, got eyes and ears on our business and got people in through the door!

We have gotten tons of leads, new eyes and ears on our business and people in through the door!

Kinfix Health + Fitness

Starting at $5000 CAD

It's time you climb to the top of organic search results. With strategic SEO, we can increase your brand's credibility and trust by improving its visibility on search engines and generate qualified traffic to your website organically.

Search Engine Optimization

Starting at $7500 CAD

Whether you're looking to amplify your online presence or start from scratch, we have you covered to ensure your first impression is a home run. From web development and design to eCommerce platforms or UX improvement, let us help you put your best foot forward.

Website Design

Website Design & SEO

What clients say:

Principal & Founder,
The Warrington Group


We engaged with Stockall + Co, as we were planning to rebrand our company + required a full suite of services. Everything from company name to new logo, new website, new offers, new copy, absolutely everything was going to be overhauled.

From the initial conversation with Lindsay explaining our vision along with where we were feeling stuck, Lindsay was all in. Without hesitation, she treated this project like it was the only one on her plate. She was dedicated, enthusiastic, optimistic of our ridiculously tight timelines (90 days from start to finish) + was more than patient when we were unsure of what direction we should go or if we didn't understand the best approach to take to keep the project on track, within budget + as things changed from our initial vision to where we ended up.

Lindsay was extremely hands-on, 100% overdelivered on all aspects of the rebrand, + championed us to others within her network during our work together.

From the execution of our rebrand photos and video content, coordinating a collaboration with a high-end clothing brand for those visual pieces + being on-site to move us through efficiently, Lindsay never skipped a bit. In the end, the only reason we went over budget was because we decided to add 6 months of social media management to our work with Lindsay.

Our brand today is cohesive, polished, engaging + it is truly something that when we look at it, we are inspired to show up 110% so that we are an accurate representation of the brand she has helped us create. We look forward to future projects with Lindsay as our North Star to ensure the results we are now accustomed to.

Lindsay was extremely hands-on, 100% overdelivered on all aspects of the rebrand, + championed us to others within her network during our work together.

Starting at $795 CAD / month

Whether you’re looking to build your audience, nurture or convert to sales, we can help through strategic email and SMS campaigns.

Email Marketing

What clients say:

Sincerely, Skin


I was moving from producing a monthly newsletter to a weekly newsletter for our guests and just didn’t have the time or energy to invest in this project. Stockall & Co. made this process super easy and streamlined and took the burden off of me.

We had regular meetings to discuss the upcoming offers and areas of focus. Stockall & Co.  did their magic, whipping up content that improved open rates, bookings and online sales for the business.

Stockall & Co. whipped up content that improved open rates, bookings and online sales for the business.

Sincerely, Skin

Starting at $1500 CAD

Let us work with influencers, businesses, personalities and partners to promote your brand and drive awareness.

Influencer & Event Marketing

What it's like to work with us:


Micha Saade

The Stockall & Co. team asks the right questions and always ensures they understand your pain points before jumping into solutions or suggestions.

Stockall & Co. was an integral part of helping us define our customer archetype. They were able to bring our spirit to life through our Instagram feed with our exact customer in mind.  They built our ambassador program, and directly enabled us to collect valuable UGC to give even more life to our brand and customers. I absolutely can't wait to collaborate with Stockall & Co. again!

Stockall & Co. built our ambassador program, and  directly enabled us to collect valuable UGC to give even more life to our brand and customers.


Inn Keeper | Owner,
Locust & Starr Inn


I worked with Stockall & Co. last year to help build a social media presence and audience for my newly acquired inn in Wolfville and to promote it to potential guests as a cool and interesting place to stay!

They tripled my Instagram followers and helped get me fully booked for the summer and fall! The team attracted many influencers to stay and promote the Inn and developed giveaways to increase interest. I have a beautifully curated Instagram page that really reflects the feeling I want my guests to have when they stay. The Stockall & Co. team is positive, attentive, knowledgeable and really fun to work with!

Stockall & Co. tripled my Instagram followers  and helped get me fully booked for the summer and fall!

Locust & Starr Inn

$195 CAd

Wondering what service to choose? Start with a 30-minute strategy call.

Tell me about your business and we'll come up with a marketing plan that makes the biggest impact.

Strategy Call

Starting at $990 CAd / month

When you need direction from a trusted partner to help you decide what to stop, start, and continue.

Clarify your big-picture marketing strategy based on your operational goals or deep dive on specific topics like sales funnels, branding, social media marketing, digital marketing, Facebook ads, or influencer marketing.

  • 2 x 60-minute coaching sessions per month
  • 1 month of unlimited email and Voxer support

Coaching & Consulting

Starting at $3999 CAd

Unsure of where to start?

Let us build a micro-digital strategy before diving into deliverables to ensure your operational goals are met.

Micro Digital Strategy

Strategic Consulting & Coaching

What clients say about partnering with us:

Director of Advisory Services,
The Well Creative Consultants


We needed a strategy that made sense for our business goals, reached the right audience, and converted to leads as we define them.

We needed to partner with a team that was both big-picture and detail-oriented, that would understand how we defined success, and that would mesh well with our communication style. Stockall & Co. was just that; they were very accommodating, realistic and honest. They knew when to assert best practices and when to take ownership and implement feedback.

Before working with Stockall & Co., we were stuck trying to nail down a strategy that was unique to us .

Our core values of integrity, service excellence and collaboration come together in every project, no matter how big or small. 

At Stockall & Co., we’re not simply an agency to outsource work to. We become a trusted extension of your team, working alongside you to help you achieve and exceed your goals.

How does working with us work?

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